Open vs Underground

When something is out in the open it can be observed and controlled. Once something goes underground it ends up largely invisible to most, more dangerous and becomes more difficult to control. We learned this with prohibition 80 years ago, why haven’t we learned this with prostitution and drugs or any other thing we try to control?

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  1. Because we want to live in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist….and the people who grew up before and during the 50’s are still voting….and once people get married and have kids they want to keep their children from all harm (reality) as long as possible….and our educational system isn’t up for the challenge of teaching people to think for themselves….and because alcohol is legal people already have a drug they are comfortable with to let off steam with…and because the media loves to show us the latest killings by some drug lord or a sob story by some ignorant drug user who wishes they never started and won’t talk about all the people who do drugs, don’t make it the core of their life and lead perfectly rational/functional lives…and because only Jesus is the path to true happiness so you’d better stop playing and start praying…

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