Who is sitting in power right now? What is the general political makeup of our local, state and federal government? Pretty much Democrat/Republican. Is it any wonder why we have divisive racial and diversity issues splitting our society? Here’s an idea…promote diversity in government by voting diversity into government. Give the Libertarians, Greens, Independents and any others you see on the ballot that you feel might be worthy a chance. Vote out of the box. Personally, I’m most likely to vote Libertarian, but some Greens, an Independent and even a Democrat and Republican have impressed me. The worst thing you can do is decide not to vote your true opinion and vote with the crowd because you don’t want to vote for a ‘loser’. No, that’s wrong…the worst thing you can do is take one candidate’s advice and only vote for 1 candidate (in his race you get 2 votes, choosing 2 of the candidates on the ballot). The only vote you throw away or waste is the one you don’t cast. Make a decision, even if you have to flip a coin. Whoever wins, the winner represents you and you have a right to make your opinions known to them whether you voted for them or not (especially if you didn’t vote for them). Make this the country and government what it was meant to be: representative. Vote for diversity. And while you’re at it, vote for me!



  1. Chris Will I will like to tell you that you are not one of my favorites candidates, I’m register democrat and you did not impresss me in your Debate, I will just like to tell you to keep it up, and continue praticing for a future debate, we need a change here in Mesa, that’s the reason I have voted for you in my early ballot.

    • Thank you for the vote, Jose! I’m not the best public speaker yet, but I have improved since my first attempt 2 years ago. That time I was lucky to make a sound at first, but one I got past a terrified squeak my voice came back and I made sense. Being incredibly shy is a challenge, but if I can eventually make a difference it’s worth it. The debate was entirely off-the-cuff since I wasn’t sure I was supposed to be there until I got there. Somehow my notification fell through the cracks, but I saw the information on Andrea’s facebook and decided to go just in case. I hope enough people decide to take a chance on me and let me prove I can make positive changes in Arizona.

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